Classmates with guns?

UPDATE: SB176 died before it was able to reach the senate floor. Another bill appears to be in the works for the next legislative session. In Florida, people have the right to carry a firearm just about wherever they go – from the beach to convenience stores, and from the supermarket to even a bank, […]


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COOLing off UNF

The University of North Florida Police Department has a new officer walking the campus, and students involved in campus organizations might have already felt the chill of the Campus Organization Outreach Liaison, or COOL, officer. UNFPD Chief Frank Mackesy thought up the position. “There’s a lot of young people that are on this campus, and it […]

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Copyright, copyright, copyright…

As the digital landscape continues to expand, copyright cases seem to expand with it. As the cases rack up, so does precedent. In an interesting case recently involving the Sherlock Holmes brand left the original creator of the series out of the winner’s circle. According to TV Week, a 2014 case decided that Sherlock will […]

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The Senate Commerce Committee recently became concerned with some tracking practices used by Verizon Wireless. The committee sent a letter in response to a report detailing the third-party ad company Turn was using Verizon’s supercookies to track users internet surfing. According to, supercookies are tracking cookies that use user information to show relevant advertising. […]

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Netflix overtaking campus TV?

In the digital age, more and more people are moving away from cable television and heading online for their entertainment needs. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other online TV services are becoming the norm, and University of North Florida students are not the exception. Patrick Lloyd, a Communication Sophomore, lives on campus and has a […]

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